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Hello everyone! I have a couple of questions and I was wondering whether someone could answer these for me. If you can, thanks!

User names and real names: Everyone on Wikidot has a user name, whether it be their actual name or something they made up. My question is Do you use a Wikidot member's real name if you know it or call them by their user name? For instance, when I talk to leiger I call him "leiger" while some people call him "Shane", his real name. If you know someone well enough do you call them their real name?

Linking to websites: I've considered this a no-no, but 've seen people do it before so I was wondering. Are you allowed to advertise or put a link to your website on other people's sites? For instance, if I went onto CycloDS Revolution and put a link to my site in the chatroom, is that acceptable? Should I have permission from the site administrators to do that?

That's all for now! I hope you have all had a wonderful holidays. Hope to hear from you soon!

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