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Well, today is the last day I'm at school. This means I'm not going to have internet for quite a while, until Febuary 4th 2011 which is when I go back! I may be able to make a few posts every Saturday, but that'll be it. So if you don't hear much of me, don't feel neglected! I'll be keeping myself occupied over the holidays so expect some work from me when I'm back. I do have a VCE subject, Psychology, so that will restrict my time on Wikidot next year (oh god, my career is now looming in the horizon).

I'd just like to thank you all for a wonderful year this year. Leiger, you've been a real help for putting up this blog, helping with my site MALE and all the improvements going on around CycloDS Revolution. I hope my HGSS PokeDex has helped in some way and that it will come in use when people decide to use it. :P

Titen96! Thanks for all your help and support for MALE and helping me persuade my parent to go to Japan in January. I'll be sure to post an entire page on that when I'm back! Don't worry about Guru. You know a hell of a lot more than me around here so it should be yours soon. :D

I have a quick question about that menu on the right-hand side. Should that have links to posts I've made because when I click on it, it comes up with This page doesn't exist while it comes up with posts on titen96's site.


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