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Well, here it is! The grand opening of my blog put together by none other than leiger himself, who I thank very, very much. Also thank you to titen96 for giving me the idea of having a blog.

What am I gonna do with this blog? Well, I was thinking: I'll put up some reviews on many of the games I've played over the years, opinions on what's happening in the world and any other comments I have to share. Anything else I should talk about?

I do have a couple of announcements, one of which you probably all know:

  1. It is 12 days from Christmas so I would like to wish you all a lovely Christmas and a happy new year.
  2. I have recently obtained the maximum level of karma called Guru which I think is amazing. I never thought I'd reach that because all I ever do is post! Still, I won't brag. I have to act professional now. :P

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